i am who i am!
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2016-10-28 02:26:02 (UTC)

What if this is it...

Lately things have been rough .. really rough between us.. anything sets me off about what he does.. and everything hurts me..i dont feel the same love he would give me and it hurts. It hurts like hell.. because i never thought this would happen .. he is my bestfriend but fuck . It hurts i'm not gonna lie , but I dont want to force him to be in something he doesnt want too.. latley ive been feeling neglected .. like i'm not even the girl he fell for and once cared about .. you know , he doesnt know much thats been happening with me latley ? And it hurts. I can't talk to him about everything that is worrying me at the moment. I wish I could just vent to him but he doesnt even ask.. he doesnt care.. the other day a friend told me he was proud of me.. do you know how much I wanted to cry .? .. i couldnt hold back the tears and I couldnt stop crying.. because that shit meant so much , and im not saying that from him it did , im saying the fact that someone said theyre proud of me , made it mean something .. ive been working do hard and i dont think I can do it .. I really dont and i needed him.. to tell me I could... I can... but everything with him feels like its dying slowly and I am slowly caving in as well . And it hurts seeing this happen and id give the world not to see it .

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