always wth love

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2016-10-27 09:31:19 (UTC)

next steps are now!

I found myself drowning again, it am honestly wake this time!I thought bout some things it was cloud of emotions.I thought where i stand and i dont see the change just same old thing... by spring of next tear ill be 23 and what does that show, nothing to you. am so fed up right now! am barely making a difference.

College Fair in 5 mins from now. ill be going to that, i need find way out of here its FIDM it has my major where i feel good where i need to be.

last night, i was horny as fuck! i was thinking of porn its been while since that rush how it gets turnt on. i was thinking of larissa in the mist of that, shes so cute to me :)

ill be back so dont trip...hehe