always wth love

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2016-10-26 11:06:09 (UTC)

he had nothing to say to me....Atlantis

Gone back to the stomping ground last night was an old mustang last night, went to hug old teachers that known me as student there. It was college in fair for my brother.... it was so unreal

Oh the way there id text my bf to pass the took a wrong direction by darkness took control.... he had nothing to say to me? :( he had no words, felt fucked up! cant control my emotions, AGAIN.... cant put how bad i feel dumb to his girl :( it 4 hrs of us texting each other- in that he got interrupted bout twice, i was worried at first but i know he wouldve left me hang there.

He doesnt know had major margarine last all damn night it took all of me to not cry so much to eventually made me pass out.

Bridget Mendler Ft. Kaiydo - Atlantis Lyrics
Deep underwater
Is where I left my love
Clean at the surface
Shallow to touch
Nothing left
He's a wreck
Buried deep in the sand
Now I don't
Feel a thing
When I'm holding his hand
And I'm asking myself
Will I shiver again

Oh I know how to feel I know that love exists
It's asleep with the fishes
Down in Atlantis
Oh my Lord, where's my soul
How did we end up like this?
Fast asleep with the fishes
Down in Atlantis

Dig a little deeper
Baby hold your breath
Seat at the counter
Just give it a chance
Every bro
In the building
With his back to the wall
Not for me
Be discreet
I should try not to yawn
I shut em down
Shut em down
Like a sniper on call