always wth love

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2016-10-25 09:28:22 (UTC)

Outside i am nothing really to anyone just..

Outside i am nothing really to anyone just another girl, who's a sister, daughter, niece and granddaughter and now a girlfriend :)

Yesterday coming back to take care of my 5 dogs, well three of 'em gotten into a big brawl gosh i HATE being alone in the house wth dogs that dont listen! Okay heres what occurred quick, one of the dogs didnt want to get out damn cage so id to pick up the dog to let it out....but i gotten bitten from indoor brawl. Ow!!! it fuckin' hurts still today.

in class i see larissa she was wearing causal clothes cause of the raining day! it was rough day, felt so out of place...

Yesterday id texted my bf he had a chill day considering the thunderstorm was worst part of the morning.