wet blanket
2016-10-25 09:24:04 (UTC)

I'm trying to be nicer to people. I mean..

I'm trying to be nicer to people. I mean it is true. It pays to be nice, you never know when someone may be having the worst day of their life. I've had horrible days in the past where something happens that just pushes you over the edge, you get drunk, you get high, you cut, you stare at yourself in the mirror and cry. Don't let your actions push other people over the edge and make them do that. Make them feel those horrible feelings you know too well.

God damn it just once I wish I wasn't the obsessive one. For once I wish I didn't mind not seeing him. It's just when you get your hopes up for something and plans change you're always going to be disappointed. I'm sick of seeing Alyssa and Kirralee posting that stupid bullshit for fuck sake. I know Kirralee wants/wanted to fuck him she's probably still obsessed with him.
For fuck sake I'm just done.
I feel like I'm just a chore sometimes. Maybe I should give him space.

And of course Alyssa and Kirralee are going to be at the halloween party which I otherwise would have enjoyed. I'll probably spend the whole time freaking out about them instead of enjoying myself now. And Britt. hhhh. I wish he hadn't have invited them.

I just want it to be my birthday. I want things to be about me. I want to be around the people I like.
I just want to be fucking normal I wish I didn't think like this such a dumb fucking bitch.

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