Story of a Girl
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2016-10-24 19:20:30 (UTC)

Traitor pt1


Last year, we shared our algebra 2 and AP Eng Lang/Comp classes together but early in the year, he had to switch out of first period for another class that was only available for first. Mid-semester, I think, he dropped out of AP Eng because he didn't like our teacher and was then put in regular English (for the losers). THIS YEAR, I had him yet again for AP Eng Lit/Comp and our English teacher is pretty dope. We both really liked her. THEN, he was forced to switch out of English AGAIN because of one of his classes that is only available for fifth hour. I literally walked into the room when he said "Bianca you're gonna be REALLY mad at me" so I said "What happened?" and he said "I'm being switched out of this class" so I dropped my back and said "Wait what" but then reality smacked me across the face, so I picked up my bag and smacked him again as I said "WAIT WHAT, YOU BASTARD". Long story short, he is now in my AP Gov class. He says that doesn't make him a traitor but he dropped out of my English class... TWO TIMES IN A ROW. Even if he's in my government class now, he is still a traitor. Besides, I don't really speak to him much in government because there's hardly any time for socializing. He also sits with his ROTC friend, even if they're only maybe two desks away from me. He only acknowledges me if I say "Michael you traitor" and he'll just say "I'm not a traitor, you still have me here!"

This actually happened on the 10th so I don't know why I'm now suddenly updating this lmao. He's still a traitor. I don't care what anyone says.

Uh, I'm about 8 chapters behind on a new book I'm reading for English and we have a test on the chapters tomorrow so HAHAHA. RIP me. I also have this huge project apparently due tomorrow (but some classmates have said it's due Wednesday but my teacher is out for the entire week so idk) that I have yet to start. It's insanely complicated.

I have Friday off, too. WOOT. I kind of made plans with Zach and what's his face but I'll have to check with my dad first. I don't think my dad will mind too much, though.

Still wanna hang myself though. Not until graduation though. :))) My government teacher gave us the schedule for his class for the rest of November today and I lowkey will kill myself if he keeps assigning so many debates and secratic seminars. My anxiety will be rising through the roof for the entire year. Like, I always do my work so FOR WHATEVER REASON, my teammates like the research and go, "Ohh, since you know the topic so well, maybe you should just present for us!!!!" Hahahaha, no. Speaking of my government class, it really isn't so terrible now. The having to steal paint chips and feeling guilty about it is still pretty bad, but the class itself isn't terrible. I still hate the debates, and my teacher still terrifies me. The only reason I haven't dropped out of the class it because I'm becoming friends with the people from last year. They give me strength... I mean, I can handle the class. I can handle the work. I wouldn't have been placed in an AP class if I couldn't handle the work that is given. I just REALLY hate the debates that we keep doing. My teacher says, "This is the class that will make your voice heard." The thing is, I don't have a voice, nor do I want one. I don't want my voice to be heard. I literally cannot give a crap about the things we cover in class, but yet I'm forced to care about whatever topics he teaches. I honestly don't have much of an opinion on anything, so it's really hard for me to have a 100% detailed opinion on a topic (which he's asking of me) when I really don't care. I have to care for my grade, though. ALSO, a representative from Hillary Clinton's campaign came to speak to us a while back and she asked for volunteers. I signed up, gave her my phone number and all, and I've been called twice to help out with the phonebanks... Problem is... I start to cry when I have to speak to others over the phone... YEAH. I can do other volunteer work but no phonebanks. I lowkey want the campaign lady to stop texting. I feel awful about it but I would rather not put myself through the misery of getting yelled at when telling people they need to vote for Hillary.

Also yes, I figured out why I felt like I was on crack. My room was at about 50°F. Fucking shit, man, my room was cold as fuck and I was in nothing but my old gym shorts and my D.A.R.E. t-shirt. Not to mention I was standing on the floor barefoot.

Also also: I need to fill out this form for government but I need my parents need to fill it out as well. It's literally less than five minutes long. I gave her the form an hour ago... I found the iPad on the couch so I said, "did you fill out the form?" and she said "What form?" I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I waited, like an idiot, nearly over an hour for her to fill out this stupid form for class. I could have been doing my fucking homework. Having my time wasted is my number one pet peeve. Do my parents still not know that about me, even though they always claim they know EVERYTHING about me?

It took her less than a minute to fill it out. I'm so done with her right now, honestly.

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