always wth love

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2016-10-24 07:58:46 (UTC)

I didn't expected of my Saturday its the..

I didn't expected of my Saturday its the damn truth! I was out wth my brother and my mom to pick up some dinner, hey his mom is outside, what?! umm okay... they didn't have a clue that I saw his mom in dark pervious weekend....So I had beg my mom can I go, no its fine go see him, ugh okay... he was standing out there wth his dog, so we walked until dark took us back to our street. I felt scared and I want to void to, I told him the truth cause felt ashamed of it. I was fucked so much, he gave me side hugs and normal one too. I felt so safe wth him, told him so bad I wanted to kiss him, I couldn't do it near the house I promise myself ill do it soon.....

About last night? part III
We honestly stop thinking of each other it felt so great I was horny as fuck i had fight urges want go physical immediately. am truly in love wth him :) his my future to be , hes a great bf to me....

See you :)