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2016-10-21 07:54:49 (UTC)

About last night? part II

About last night? part II
it started at 7:30pm? I have texted him first was simple then got hard once again. He had asked bout how was my day, again?? I gave him a reply this time... I felt so burnt out I was complain again cause so sleepy. I felt scared to speak again to him, I don't know if to how to admit that I need professional help? I kept on having flashbacks of Sunday night! am not sure he figure me out yet...I am voiding that for now as much as possible... I felt myself drifting away last night, I could barely sleep because of him, he had adore my gift it kills me now! I have dreamt of us in my room making love (it felt hours I start feel tears in my eyes by then)it was passionate, my body wanted you more than my mind did. when I woke up felt so sick feeling like this each day, while its completely darkness still in the sky its takes hours until I see the sun. I am never safe anymore because I don't where to begin with my confusing thoughts. He's my first bf and i don't loose it, can you give me some advice, please?? am fucked up!

I need him, to hold me to feel safe am not all right, anymore am broken. am forgetting every ounce off him with hug me, gosh... I need help....I want get drunk to feel I have control again.

Confucius warns that "everything has its beauty but not everyone can see it."

I wont be back, am very sorry :( bye now.