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2016-10-21 06:05:10 (UTC)

10/10/16 Monday

Nanny came at 8:30. Gave JZ to her. Left house at 10 something. Car wash. JZ slept until 12. Had her wake him up. Comcast came. Finally faster internet. But the modem was the wrong kind. Bank was closed so didn't drop off wei passport copy. Dad blood. Bestbuy tried to exchange but won't allow. Pissed at dad driving. Back to office. Pissed at them doing shit wasting time. Also the nanny was 闲着 because JZ was sleeping. At least the guy made computer work. Left at 6. Drop her off. Shower. Dad cooked but R didn't like it. Cleaned up. JZ bath. Trying to feed him to sleep before 10.

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