always wth love

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2016-10-20 08:48:02 (UTC)

About last night?

About last night?
Id texted him last night at noon-ish? to wish him a good birthday! i was good gf to him, but i felt like hiding too it felt like i was drowning again but i was wake whole time. He asked how my day was? i couldn't tell him the things that were running in my head! it wasn't good time to tell him. he has my heart now. i couldn't tell him that i cant see him at all this weekend because i have exam on Monday. He like my gift that sent over by email. (it wasnt enough anymore). Last night i felt crying but i was too exhausted from my math class, so i tired not to think of it.I didnt sent him a goodnight text just burnt out!!!!
He knows i cant leave him too hard to be real wthout knowing to be something more. I see my future wth only him, besides crushes i have wth girls i cant explain i just know i love them in different way...He understands that so i feel comfortable.