The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-10-20 05:34:53 (UTC)

Story time including memes

Hey Journal!
So this happened last Saturday I am pretty sure. So I went to a haunted house with a couple friends. Almost all of them were couples which was cringe worthy for me because I happen to end up in the situation all the time haha. Not crying about being single, just being more isolated/alone hahaha.

Anyway I was having a irritating time because I felt alone I'm sure everyone's been there including you readers out there. Amirite or amirite? Anyone fantastic time over here. So we go through the lame haunted house, then we do the mirror maze and ride a little boat swinging thing that fits all 8 of us which was neato burrito 10/10 would bang.

Sooooo we are bored cuz we can't leave till 9PM. We all kinda split up a bit, 3 people went one way a couple goes the other but we didn't really care much just like 'eh fuckaaa you and aaaah fucks you" so we do the stupid teenagers who go walk in woods alone. Smart right? lol we just walk to a bridge chillax walk back walk again because we're so bright minded. So we end up at a table and just 4 of us (including me) get bored and start playing lame truth or dare, and it was just stupid fun ya knows. So I dare my friend Libby to get me this cute guys number! One of the guys friends gave us the number and I saw that he was blushing the whole time. Well the guy didn't actually know it was me asking, he didn't even know who I was or looked like. Anyway, I got it and I was so happy, but it wouldn't last for long. After I got off I work the next day, I'm like I suppose I'll text him now I didn't wanna text right away so I had waited. He didn't respond, so it's the same exact day & I had plans with my best friends to have a bonfire at one of our houses. I went and had a fun time and told them the story.

So one of my friends said lemme have his number and text him to see if he answers (pretending to be a wrong number) 5 minutes later this hoe texts back who's this? And she answers saying her name and he's being all polite saying I think you have the wrong number. So my friend decides to troll him sending him George Washington memes and then later said "The least you could do is reply back to someone"

She's a great friend, and made me realize to make a joke out of it. Don't cry, don't be sad, don't wonder what is wrong with me. Live fucking life while you can. We don't know the future, we could die in 12 days or 12 hours, we don't know so just go after what you want in life, don't be afraid to look crazy or sound crazy, spill your opinion, cry on a train, buy a dog, whatever it is you want in life, strive for it, achieve it! Now I'm not saying don't have boundaries, we all need to follow the law and abide like everyone should. Any hoot, I didn't want to be seen as that crazy girl by asking why he never texted back or send memes but whatever he didn't have the decency to text me back, then fuck him. I sent great ass memes and I died laughing with my 2 great friends ( my friends gf, 1 of my best friends is bi/aka in a lesbian relationship rn) and a simple boy who won't matter in 1 month.

He texted back very nicely which I give him class A respect for after our little bits of weirdness. He said something along the lines of "I'm sorry I don't know what my friends told you but I have a girlfriend" which I had kinda concluded from him not responding but I never actually got a answer from. And then my friend wrote something like it's chill or something like that and he said okay and then yeah. End of that.

That's the weird kind of maybe entertaining story haha. It's such a better story in person when you can actually see the memes lol.

So I hope you enjoyed that beautiful story!

Love, Katie.

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