always wth love

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2016-10-19 11:04:03 (UTC)

Light brown eyes (larissa) & My Bf birthday!

Light brown eyes told me said FIGHT for my relationship wth him i dont like conflict but i honestly dont have a choice anymore! So I'll shoot out a text to wish my bf a great day because his mine, just cause my his mom doesnt want us together doesnt mean i gotta hid from 'em, I can FIGHT for you and me....
Last night i'd panic attack are 11:36pm it was so odd i couldn't breathe like i was drowning, probably cause it was less than 24hrs that broken more me than i couldn't caught myself another this morning at 2 something it felt like i couldn't STOP feeling alone in my bed, i barely took time to realized id fucked up as i am.
i ate,my leftover from last night it was tuna sandwich....i still felt sick almost over soon enough.
Light brown eyes told me the damn truth and didnt say word God in it. So i feel good bout it where i am.... she gave me small inside sight of background it doesnt happen to everyone that includes families So i shouldnt even think like that.
Shes the letter that NEVER gotten sent by the mail. Shes a sexy as hell i love her so much:)
Bad News :( i found out late last night
I wont see James this weekend my mom and her bf wants us to come to his job and take tour:( when i hear that all possible plans were out into the water.

*found by mistake pretty fuckin' happy right now!