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2016-10-18 09:56:15 (UTC)

Knock, knock!

Knock, knock!
Sunday night (grabs me fast)
on my way back to our side of the street, sneaked in the shadows it takes hold of me first, then i caught in its web of the spider. I saw a shadow closer while the full moon tryin break the fear out of me. I was too late to lock it away it came every time closer the darkness fills me up so quick. I forget to breathe an ounce... Bang, bang! When i tired to open the door shaken it was all ready over by then. I tired asume normal wthout questions came across... It felt so real, i was still wake so it was hard to bare effects of the time we share. It was gone so fast that my body gone numb that moment. I started to trembling relive each second what happened to me, i couldnt sleep well enough. When i had drifted to sleep, still a mess thought i lose you still do now. It felt myself die inside....Knock,knock! Bang,bang! But, now theres just silence now.