always wth love

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2016-10-17 11:20:43 (UTC)

what am gonna do now? (Shadows)

On campus mulitaskin' well tryin my best too anyway :(
I saw Kitty today, goshed she had asked bout my weekend? was i honestly didnt want to talk but cause i couldnt sleep at all...i am crying wth sayin anything am so confused if i can void his mom. she wasnt first person that torn me apart.( a girl name stacey in high school) idk what to do now? aparts of me want keep going in our love but parts of me i dont want to keep hidden anymore. i havent text anyone in months into years now ALL ive is him. so gotta figure which one is right for me.... i love him so much.

in class i was so not there i was thinkin but last night again i felt so so ashamed because to weak hold the strength i've left
Sabrina Carpenter - Shadows