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2016-10-13 14:39:15 (UTC)

how i felt after exam 3 (Mangú)

At Home
how did I feel during and after exam 3, exhausted as fuck! I honestly had let go of damn problems of my emotions to focus, I guess that was good? I was wreck before than. I saw my professor gave my paper to her today it was deadline! Gosh am glad am done with it, I can move on. good guy opened two doors (on the campus)for me I thought it was polite. I felt calm but also tryin' locked up! what I did last night by text messages.

About next week: its my bf birthday wont know when we see each other again he had started his online courses just yesterday. so wont know what am gonna be doing by the weekend. i haven't finish his gift yet?! hopefully finish it soon so wont be a bad gf! own up to dumb shit that i did, i want to be wth him forever.

I wont be on until Tuesday got stuff take of thing with my classes and m bf.