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2016-10-13 09:27:22 (UTC)

i feel so worthless (Sola)

On campus
I feel ashamed because i lost all control of every ounce of my emotions, i felt so worthless so numb that i couldnt even sleep, he forgive me because i didnt do any permanent damage oblivious i think he was lying to me because i know i just did that to him. (this all because i was so mad at things i wanted from him, i got really heated) he ask if i promise that was fuckin real! i know i couldnt hurt him again, it will be over by then, am gonna have to approve my loyal to him. i have to hold my doubts alone and bury them deep in the ground. i got hold my fuckin depressed inside i never let it go wont his fault at all just all mine.

oh yeah have been procrastinating on this paper it almost half way done wth it!