always wth love

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2016-10-12 11:11:17 (UTC)

i have changed last night, i didnt realize..

i have changed last night, i didnt realize it but its here now so i gotta deal wth it. something had snapped that made me so mad, so fuckin' pissed it was quick and lasted more than i ever express to be. i didnt say goodnight to James by text! i dont know howto recovery from it, i i felt lost as fuck thou, nothing made sense to me. i was angry i didn't sleep well so i have a problem now? I was never mad like this before i have to text cause we had all drifted away from each other now.

M wants to know why am not going back, there are reasons am going back until i feel good, i dont want to hear the news from about her. i haven't had guts to even update you on that, theres lot rushin' in my head and its that!

I haven't felt this bad since 17 & 19, i guess my personality hasnt change at all.

i love him, am not good gf to him last night i will improve cant loose him.