Diary of Naomi
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2016-10-12 01:10:20 (UTC)

To my future children

Today's october the 11th. I am currently a 3rd year medical student, 19 years old, living in DR (I might need this info in the future when I forget).

Things are... I mean, they are... They simply are what they are, idk. I can't think of a bad enough adjective because I'm not doing THAAAT bad, but wouldn't use a nice one because I've had better times.

However, I wouldn't like to minimize the torment I am going through. But that´s okay, I chose this. I chose this life, I chose this career, I chose my current situation. But (although redundant)I certainly didn´t choose the situations I have no control of.

In times like this, I´d like to talk to my future children as the teenager I am at the moment. I´d like to tell them that it´s okay to feel frustated, to feel like it´s never enough. It´s okay to feel sad, it´s really okay, you know what? it´s perfect. We´re humans, we´re not machines, we can make mistakes, we are ALLOWED to. I want them to know that it´s really okay to not feel okay sometimes.

I wanted to leave a lasting about this so that I don´t grow up and forget I was once a teenager with the same (or even more) issues, torments, distresses; like most parents do.

Don´t get me wrong, I love my parents. I could not have asked for better ones and everyday I thank the Lord because He chose me be one of their children. They and my brother are my greatest gift. However, it´s like they forget they were teens as well. They love me (I´m sure they do), but they don´t listen to me. ¨What´s with that mood¨ Dad... I just told you I think I might have failed a midterm. ¨You´re always with that face¨ but hpw about you ask WHY I´ve got this face. (love them though, love your grandparents, my children)

My children, I love you, I understand you, you have someone to talk to. Everything will work out.

-Your mom, 19 y/o, 2016

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