always wth love

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2016-10-11 08:54:38 (UTC)

Be a while

I never have time to to fulfill what i have to say wthout somehow becoming distracted obliviously that's my down fall, but am human right? i was never the popular girl anywhere as i grew up, i have gone to so many schools as a kid i forget most of them. I never really accepted myself as a whole as a person either haven't had best situation to do that for just for me. I said it here a few years ago... i just forgot the entry tell you about them, but anywho! i look at myself as easygoing in odd places its very strange think so, because when those doors close am that eighy old girl who sang to herself didnt know how to speak wthout being pushover! i grown stronger in some ways but theres are days i need people where am doing wrong and stop fuckin' up so much! i seen the strength but i also undefeated as well. I know am still figuring where i fit in life, i have been workin my way back up to the top once again. its hard getting over that jump?! being an relationship wth someone is the greatest feeling in world. when now everything else less harder to put into in the day to day, stuff i have keep private.