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2016-10-10 10:53:49 (UTC)

our hands: a new night october 9 part three

am back to write you bout my night with him, it was something that i couldnt bare another second! it took while to leave my house but i finally got to see him, we talked bout our future honestly i saw something was up? he explain it to me, i wont say too much because i still want that part to be real, i know that sounds very selfish but am tryin' be damn truthful! here. last night we talked bout the kiss on his arm (october 1st during Showden)i felt good that he like it, said i was good a kisser too. we got smoothies at juice it up! it was perfect to cool off it was hot. went to applebees but i honestly think that was mistake in its self. i surprised him how bad want to do it again that i know now that hes mine i dont want loose myself anymore but obliviously it would be hard!!!! if i see him and no one is in sight i will kiss him to feel at ease again!

Saturday wasnt my best day at all, i couldnt see him at all i had something to do that took all day i was pissed bout it. i was emotional wreck b/c of it i was sick most of the day i felt uncomfortable so ive distracted myself most of the time by going netflix it passed the time. i honesty didnt want be stuck in doors.

i couldnt sleep last night i woke up 12:40 am and again at 2:16a by then id go bathroom it took while i felt sick so id turnt off my ceiling fan. then slept through my alarm i was so weak to move i didnt get out bout 5 something i couldnt do it.