always wth love

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2016-10-06 14:02:00 (UTC)

into the darkness as I go?

on the way home on the bus its 2 pm not suppose access nothing but college stuff...I need to write it out!(I hope it doesn't blow up in the end).

he doesn't really understand how I felt last night, I've tired explain it to him but I DONT think really gets it through the text messages... I felt so weak in all that im so into the darkness as I go? he doesn't see the sadness in my eyes right now? its good that doesn't. he doesn't know im nausea it'd started yesterday after class it hit me so quickly and going be here for while I just gotta get use to it again :(

I reconnect with Em I hope hear from her reply soon...

found this artist just few minutes ago,
Maggie Lindemann - Knocking on Your Heart (2015),
couple of kids, things, pretty girl(2016)

ill be back in a few weeks gotta stay on college crap! will reply back to messages often.

I hope to be wth him this weekend I don't want stuck at home.