always wth love

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2016-10-06 09:21:49 (UTC)

am confused???

It was odd night among US it was hard confront each other in that, it was rough what can i say bout that it is really... i felt like i couldn't keep myself together id to press down my insecure bout 10% it did the straight up opposite but i eventually pulled myself to put him back to reality so i hope i helped James some.

I last night i couldnt sleep id a lot on mind again! no surprised from that, i really want be wth him this weekend.... in 7 days from now? :( will be back on, i hope dont loose myself again i dont think physically i can do it Not anymore

Long delay in respond....what had occurred last night and most of it was his side, he's distracted. he felt bad, i wasnt good for him to do that to me but he did it. it happens to everyone but i honestly gather us both to bring back from our minds.....

We are in two same of houses but one door out! its basically who we are now thats all i can see now? until one of us makes through the stage where we are now...

ill be forever be in a relationship wth him...