always wth love

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2016-10-03 10:56:39 (UTC)

Our hands: bear and lucky october 1 part two

Our night was October 1st, we left early to go see a movie, hes so perfect i hate that we gotta keep it secert! but during the movie we shared popcorn and large soda after that i held his hand its felt so safe. id start to kiss him i couldnt help it, i cant believe his mine,his my light through my darkness. he only make feel not scared to death. we i promised him i wont leave him and i love you too him too. it felt so good to hear say it to me.
i bought us dinner and drove back home also walked to my door like a good man ever could be. i gave him a hug i love him so much. i felt good be in his life.

this morning i horny as fuck again at 2 in the morning then went to bathroom to drift back sleep it took bout an hour to do it, i was exhausted as fuck. ugh my alarm went off.... on the way there my head has started to hurt hella bad:( id shown up to class very late but i didnt care ....
i dont like Mondays at all

yesterday id watched gimme shelter wth vanessa Hugden it was very good movie this was back in 2014 id finished it up on this morning.

i honestly didnt go back home on saturday night i just wanted more time wth him.