Sarah Ashley
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2016-10-01 13:07:35 (UTC)

Bad Saturday

I woke up this morning very wet and so mom went ahead and changed me. She told me she wanted me to help her this morning with house work but I didn't want to do that and so I sort of ignored what she told me. Little bit ago I had messed my diaper so she came to change me and reminded me I was supposed to have been helping her. I got an attitude while she was changing me so after she had cleaned me up and before she put a diaper back on me she sent me to her bedroom which I knew what that meant. She came in behind me and got her paddle and turned me over her lap and wore my bottom out. I am sure the neighbors heard me getting spanked, well I should say paddled. I wonder sometimes if they will call someone but so far they haven't. I don't know maybe they don't hear me getting the spankings mom gives me but I don't know how they don't. After she wore me out I had to stand in the corner until she told me to go back to my bedroom so she could put another diaper on me. And then I had to help her sort the clothes and put a load in the washing machine and then help her with the dishes in the kitchen. I am now sitting here typing this sitting on a very sore bottom. When will I ever learn not to get an attitude with mom.

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