always wth love

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2016-09-29 08:55:58 (UTC)

wasnt a goodnight text :(

Last night was so different i couldnt bare any to stay stable bare anything i kept myself busy up to 9pm but even then i felt short than. i almost lost courage to say what i wanted from him. He didnt text me at all, i was hurt by that not an goodnite text i wanted to cry but couldnt then do that. too exhausted as fuck. I havent felt same since last friday night, i shouldve done something break out the dark i was weak to do it. I running way when i dont feel so good bout myself it comes quick, one thing i remember he told that he buy me a drink am hoping dont fuck up before than.
i hope texts me today, im lost as fuck right now :'( i just want cry until nothing is left in me. am fallen so fast i know that now...isnt all in my damn head at all. i woke up late on purpose this time i just wanted to sleep and nothing else i couldnt it even do that. ive a lot crap to take care of so ya.

saturday will am official year for us yay! am excited as fuck bout it, i wanna hang out wth bear so bad... dreams of only u and me was only kept safe in the hours of the darkness :(