always wth love

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2016-09-28 11:00:39 (UTC)

larissa and me

I havent seen almost whole week, i saw Larissa today. i miss her like hella crazy shes like breathe fresh air. Shes makes my laugh its good to have her in my life. i got me some dinner for friday nite so i feel good, i gave myself a treat i deserve it. have updated her bout life wth him, she starts hating college and her job who cant blame her. it can burn anyone OUT
so last nite was "odd" thou, there was distance btw us i could tell, but i was too damn exhausted to say anything at all...

She just like i could tell her mad ass crush on her, but havent had damn guts to tell her yet? :( maybe next week is better when am not exhausted as fuck...hahaha..

oh ya, read some damn more fuckin porn gosh its good... other crap that woke up at 2 something this morning UGH :( very horny cant you tell, im fuckin thirsty and hungry... have no choice but to eat.