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2016-09-27 09:55:18 (UTC)

my past came back. skipping meals

an old friend Hannah, all the way back before i was torn apart basically. ive gone to many schools as kid after while you cant remember much as you get older. i was an 6th grade then took an school bus. she always got make me laugh to point to tears. ive been seeing her for several weeks but i couldn't remember damn thing, she just yesterday we've reconnected thats so long ago, we go same college.

am not eating much as before i realize that this morning but i couldnt fill my stomach much, i was worried as fuck over bear right now??? still have a chance i might stumble... i feel like wont be complete this paper in time. i still have time, i hope its all damn in my head.

oh yeah reading porn gosh its good, hehe...

right now : music and studying, homework

Starrah ft. Kehlani - Rush (New 2016)
Tinashe - Wanderer