always wth love

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2016-09-27 08:46:14 (UTC)

Sleepless Night. Bull crap. Friends

There's way too much to bare to keep 'secret', am falling apart every time i try to breathe it pathetic to say out loud. its damn right the truth thou, i have to be strong for both us sake right now. hes starts college soon he's been a lil nerves who can really blame him . its an lot of pressure for anyone.

I couldnt sleep last night i was worried bout him of course, i slept some but not a whole lot cause my body woke up like 30 mins before my alarm :( Fuck, no way!!!!
i dreamt bout' us in your own place and very intimacy too, i really like fact that i felt safe in your arms once more.

So gone downstairs to grab bite to eat and all hell broke loose it was so much tense for a good 40 mins or more so, yeah. i got an trouble (over some eggs and sausage, i didnt check and see if who's they met be), bingo yup indeed i did, lucky my brother saved my ass because he sense was something wrong i completely lose control my emotions, yet again another "panic attack", id start to breathe slower my nerves were fuckin' shot to the point, i was messing wth my shirt to calm me down. i was almost in tears i was this close to completely sobbing to point, but couldnt do so..... because i have an exam today in Health class.

Ive to get this panic attacks under control, if not it will destroy me before we hang out this week. i love him with my whole heart.

Over the weekend my girl Noami that had biology wth is an relationship. i think i understand why ppl say talking to ppl you know is way easier than anything else. you get know individuals more on an deeper level if on computer. i have an balance i like both. it was good talking to her again it is. Yesterday my girl Erckia message back on google, she just turnt 21! drink up, hehe on the Sept 17. I was like awesome.