always wth love

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2016-09-26 11:20:42 (UTC)

i felt safe in his arms

I cant believe its almost an year wow. its unbelievable how we met and i laugh how fuckin funny it is now days its i never knew this take part of my life. last friday nite on our way home wasn't suppose to happen but it did, i hate that id screw it up!!!:( id got an car had my first panic attack together i was emotional fucked it, couldn't calm down and i felt scared as fuck, basically overthink' where are and going be in the future(i know id scared him thou,i felt horrible that i did that too him). i almost in tears each time while the signal lights start to change,he hold my hand while he was driving us home. he gave me a hug gosh i felt safe in his arms i really need it....

we met somewhere in october last year and now we're a couple its amazing feeling to have being an my first relationship in all that jazz:D. i dont care how long we gotta keep it DL, because i love him too much, to ever let go of him.