always wth love

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2016-09-22 09:28:55 (UTC)

unstable to say OK?

Something is wrong with me , its kinda oblivious right now? i cant deal with this right now. its showing slowly that's the thing (depression), yesterday i thought it was emotional from last days of my period, it wasn't but i thought it was, really thought that was damn truth but was another lie to say out aloud it was just false conclusion of nothing but numbness.

id to take shower to feeling something else that help a bit, i felt like i couldnt tell i was hiding my feelings from him. he wanted to join him on the walk havent walked wth him, in 2 months its feels longer thou. I had others things had to take of too so he wasnt worried. He made feel better while texting through the night, hes my light.

M respond and i cant talk to her anymore she making go backwards or is it me, i dont know anymore. whatever it is, i just cant, love with my heart talking bout she makes it worse.

I woke up early again, i think it was 2 or 3 in the morning thinking of james, i wish was with him today i really need more sleep, and talking all day and spending time with him too.
i was craving him mostly in the morning by the afternoon its less its an adrenaline rush, i enjoy it....

Cant believe its Autumn today, wow this month is almost gone to:(