always wth love

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2016-09-21 11:38:12 (UTC)

Life update

Over-caste all damn day (yesterday) lil bit of the sun rise up to feel an ounce better, my depression went into 200 in each hour after that so it was fucking out of control.

think am in another panic attack it came in so fast still caught up to where my heart rate was once was before? i just realized that fuck!!!! i think had to do cause of M, shit.

last nite it rained off and on, it was very muggy and gross it stuck so damn bad. anyway for several weeks watching popular shows like the voice :) watching cause Miley of course :D , some new Better things its good. empire premieres tonight along with modern family and black-ish...

oh yeah my old crush mickey is this friday so much kisses to her, shes fuckin sexy as hell. okay next pleaseeee.... La, well id asked for number cause shes damn smarter then me so am gonna come to her for help upto the EXAMS and shit.