always wth love

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2016-09-21 11:05:31 (UTC)

Am done following the damn rules

Am done following the damn rules, now days i cant deal damn crap anymore. im taking control of our relationship i wont say sorry over damn pity shit. that's means by pushing all doubts in my damn head out away from depression and anxiety i JUST CANT! Im taking control over Us and im not gonna let my love for James to be broken.

M read my email back....she was caution considering drama at the house hasnt gotten better yet? somehow i gotten extremely heat by that, she thought my relationship shouldnt be good timing? But im in relationship with him not her. Well i hope she still understands cause i need her still in my life,i cannot loose her too :(

Last night we were texting bout 2-3 hrs, am in love with him....i wanted to tell him truth what was on my mind, it was extremely R rated so id to keep it low. he back before 9 pm that was good i missed so much, i wish i could give him an hug to show i adore him. fuckin thristy for him if anyone is damn curious??? hehe....

Id straight up the house ugh hate chores thou, its practice for me and James so am think more positive, i got done just in time to talk before we said Good Night so it was good.

Didnt go bed same time as yesterday 10pm, this time id woke up just turnt OFF darn alarm to get more damn Zzzz

College Goals
Grade?71% C
No more C's cant afford it, need to get out of this damn community college. Next exam is 9/27 for Health Class amid for an B