always wth love

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2016-09-20 09:04:22 (UTC)

am thirsty as fuck for him:)

Last Night
I saw him before he left, i was emotional as fuck! he doesnt know that thou. I felt horrible so much times that i cant believe his mine for real thou. i told him bout pain attack thou, he knew couuldnt do anything because he was away :( i miss him soo much right now!

Didnt go bed until 10pm im fucking out of it, but he was heavy on my mind thou i was very thirsty for him i cant believe, one thing that want to kiss me... havent happened yet so am enjoying holding his hand thou. my mind is naughty as fuck thou..I hope to him see again today ill come to him hold his hand again , just longer then the normal. im so damnm horny i cant calm my mind at all... Im truly not sorry

M email back asking why keeping DL i hope she understands cause need have here near right now i love him too much too. I do anything to keep mine hes important to me:)