always wth love

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2016-09-19 11:18:24 (UTC)

How We Do Us

Friday and Saturday was ours it began so great to the point kept my him by my side. we talked bout his birthday its so important to me he doesnt know how i need to do this! it might show his parents am keeper i cant loose him. So ill keep near me, so we gotta keep to DL, there been 5 days of the full moons each time i wake up ,we will make it officially soon enough but right now i love the fact its just us. We went downtown place were all old shops and old fashion comics and others. I finally got to see his old home it was nice an big, wish we could go in and see it. He didnt know the person now... so :( we go inside....
friday night i slept on his left shoulder when we gonna to bible study i was holding his hand, i was very tired as fuck. i never fall alseep when am there at that point i didnt care, am comfortable around him. we left earlier to talk that night. he doesnt know how much enjoy our time together :) on saturday evening it got better too we talked bout the future wont go into detail its ours! okay. But last night was tough id headache almost the rest of the night thou, he doesnt know that( he might know now) didnt get much sleep either too i wasnt happy also another pain attack this morning id felt so damn sick:( by that so id distracted myself cant bare the pain i have. He will be gone to today helping his dad will be back tomorrow....