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2016-09-15 09:00:39 (UTC)

Night & Day (girly moment)

Weird Night
2 hours later, my mom comes home and her bf notice my change in my mood. She kept on asking What's wrong? How are classes that type thing. I was like Fuck. Leave it, okay? Am fine nothing wrong!!!!....So last night it just got worse to the point am on period point blank to make them Shut up! i was so pissed had cool off, so id jumped in the shower pasted 7:30 so release some damn pressure it got better after drank some warm milk and cinnamon i know that sounds dam gross! that fixed nausea it damn worked:D So had texted him, he made forget my pain and made me smile so damn big:) He told me bout day, am so glad his day way better than mind... He's so sweet. then he asked how my studies going and i give him a better answer because it was just easier you know.

i only woke once not bad for the second day right? it was around 3:33am.
This morning around 6ish it more fucked up! just didnt matter fact what i said last to make matter any better she didnt want to listen to it, she mad over something so pity and stupid... Im like Wow! really you really gonna be doing this now? you think right...ugh No! its just a mess.
im talking her again today she's so bubbly she's so cool. She told me not go fast with him i wont i promised her, she already has plans for Halloween with bf :)

I will try post again before i leave if not Thursday somehow. kisses