always wth love

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2016-09-14 11:08:07 (UTC)

I woke up uncomfortable id counted days..

I woke up uncomfortable id counted days over the weekend to see when its gonna be here? then went with on my day then Wednesday came I felt everything all at once. Now I don't want him to touch me or talk its day one so hopefully by this weekend, I should be more calmer and love him so much more like am right now! :) Side effects are all here?:( nausea, cramps and not hungry ..... just damn sleep.... very damn sanative to smell

green yellow(ish) eyes emailed me back, man I miss her so much...she funny as too. :D
Oh yeah talk to La today felt weak and irritable cause damn here :( she told he belief history, its average but I never thought would be her thou. She's so sexy too me...hehe

Inn class my professor told what to bring and crap its a lot of shit things. I got it, right? For Monday exam 1.... La has helped on my homework for damn class :)

This song on damn playlist soon on soundcloud Belly - You ft. Kehlani
This song for James only :D

See you later kisses