The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-09-13 01:00:47 (UTC)

Bad Decisions & a list

Dear Journal,
So one of my friends Autumn is really fun and pretty cool but is pretty much one of my party friends. We usually just hang out but she smokes weed & cigarettes & drinks. I took my first 'shot' with her and it was okay & we smoked some of the greeeeens.
I don't know how I feel about weed, it doesn't really do much for me because I'm a pretty fun-ish, open person myself. Weed doesn't really affect me. Like of course it makes me more outgoing but I don't want to be one of those people who mentally depend on it to be more 'free'. DO YOGA INSTEAD. Weed just has a gross smell to it.
I think I'm to innocent to handle with illegal things. I like knowing I don't do what every teenager does for fun.
I'm a known hipster I suppose haha but better than being like everyone else :'c!
Atleast I can check these things off my list of -did.

1. smoke da green shiiii
2. Took 1st shot
3. Gotten a hicky (Lmao it was at a party we just did T or D long story but it was givin to me by a friend haha)
4. Techiniquely 1st kiss was a girl ommmmgg lol never share this with anyone haha
5. Got the lunch guy to call out "Happy Birthday Slim Shady"
6. Approached a guy I found attractive (aka Jake dude in my Freshman Year entry)
7. Been very awkward in front of people & still laugh-cry-die
8. Dyed hair and bleached, multiple times (Lame but have done)
9. One time caught my parents stick-n it and told my brother my mom & dad wanted them (Evil but funny as HELLLLLLL)
10. Called this one bitch a bitch in gym 7th grade year YIPPY KA YAY.

So yaaa this is the list of crazy shit I've done, I mean I've done more but this is the BIG ONES.
Oh yeah I freaked out today while driving since I just passed my permit test and almost hit another car because I freaked out cuz I was about to go on a direct road!! I went without using a turn signal my heart was racing!! I was scared and uuuuggh still got my nerves going. I felt so bad for the other drivers. Working on my driving so no more worries other peeps on the road >.<

ANYWAY, that's all I want to talk about right now haha gotta hit the hay and go to bed. <Yikes> Later guys,

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