A lady in the crowd
2016-09-12 13:31:30 (UTC)

Anxiety Returns.

I'm known for my optimistic attitude but I'm fairly realistic about the struggle I've been going through. My anxiety attacks have been eating me alive. Even though my anxiety is infrequent it's been worsening over time. When it happens my body polarizes and my mind drifts off into a place filled with panic. My trembling has worsened and this has worried my family so much to the point where they've scheduled me to see a psychologist. My biggest fears are being diagnosed with the absurd disorder of PTSD. I've studied enough psychology to know someone doesn't have to be a veteran to have it. All it takes is trauma and I'm an ideal example of someone with mental scars. The tables have turned- my family wants me to see a psychologist but I don't want to anymore. I'm afraid of seeking professional help, because I don't want to be on medications with side-effects that put me to sleep.

~Yours Truly,