A lady in the crowd
2016-09-12 12:55:06 (UTC)

Happiness and Sadness.

Mondays might be awful but my three month anniversary with Pablo makes this the best day! My darkest days are brightened whenever I'm by his side. Our plans are to go out to eat lunch together. Then we'll visit one of my favorite parks tonight. All will happen in a matter of a few hours; I can't wait to see him!

Even if Monday didn't land on the 12th, I stand corrected when I say Monday's aren't the worst. Waking up at 3 AM to finish homework might be awful but there's always something to look forward to. My favorite days are the ones that catch me off guard. I'm not optimistic about every surprise, though...

Recently, people from my past have been reaching out to me and they want to come back into my life. An old 'friend' of mine needs closure because our friendship ended so abruptly. There were never any reasons spoken out loud because we knew nothing would ever be the same since that day. We went our separate ways in silence. I could reminisce about our past and all of the beautiful moments we shared- but the ending never changes. My best friend backstabbed in one of the worst ways possible. All to teach me a lesson that I could've learned alone.

One of the hardest things is saying goodbye and meaning it. Especially when this was your best friend who meant the World to you.

~Yours Truly,