always wth love

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2016-09-08 09:21:32 (UTC)

couldnt be real....right?

Its been few days i felt afraid fallen sleep because i wake up so damn early to explain.. when i finally woke up with a nightmare, i remember it so vividly it just really sucks. I never thought feel so afraid to fall asleep again but NOW i am! I hate feeling like this....

Last night id texted James it was best night ever! i cant believe how much changed being with someone to make me laugh, those times i remember for while longer than the average.

Today find out my BMI?
See how that goes today?

My playlist is constantly changing but my heart hasnt not yet anyway.

Tomorrow is gonna be busy for me, i cant wait to hang with him

My sign Taurus
You're ready for a major shake-up of relationship energy to thrust you forward into an exciting new direction. Interpersonal dynamics appear complicated when the Moon runs into karmic Saturn in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation. However, it's hard to take anything too seriously when the Moon squares starry-eyed Neptune. Being temporarily stripped of your illusions may sound healthy, but this means you must face your fears of the unknown. Even the most reliable things seem up in the air now. Don't try to fake confidence or a reality check will call your bluff when you least expect it.