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2016-09-06 09:11:31 (UTC)

Crown part 2

Saturday Night.
Full of thoughts, questions havent even told him yet? i really do love so much its beginning to hurt in different times. I cant believe its almost year, his birthday is next month, hopefully i can spend with him on that day. I never loved so much he makes me feel free and outgoing but there are times i forget that i was once that shy in just 2 years time. but often times have been distracted how easily i am too, i met this guy two weeks ago, hes so sweet and smart. I havent told James bout him yet? i havent seen today so thats good right? My childhood friend had stopped by while i was out wth James she text for first time ever! :) i was extremely over the damn moon bout that. She was gonna come back and visit soon, really looking forward to it.

She knows my secret i really glad she hasnt broken it.
We gone to the mall me and James it was so much fun, and walked all to a bookstore it was hella cold it had dropped down low 70s, id let my jacket in his car. when got back it was much worse we ate at red robin he never gone before so i liked the fact i took him there, it was nice change of restaurants we have gone too. he warmed up my hands when got back into the car, i felt all warm inside.

Grade? Healthful living an C 72/100 on first exam!