2016-09-03 14:23:50 (UTC)

Random Assortment - August 2016

Jesus, Etc. by Wilco

Chopin, Prelude in E minor, op. 28 no. 4 by Aldona Dvarionaite

**Chopin, Nocturne in G minor, op. 15 no.3 by Arthur Rubinstein

**Chopin, Nocturne in F-sharp minor, op. 48 no. 3 by Arthur Rubinstein

Chopin, Nocturne in C minor, op. 48 no. 1 by Vladimir Ashkenazy

**Chopin, Nocturne in B-flat minor, op. 9 no. 1 by Arthur Rubinstein

**Windows by Angel Olsen

*Atrophy by The Antlers

**That'll Be The Day (Cover of Buddy Holly) by Modest Mouse

Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen

**unfucktheworld by Angel Olsen

Creator, Destroyer by Angel Olsen

it's different for girls by of Montreal

Id Engager by of Montreal

**Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse by of Montreal

Suffer for Fashion by of Montreal

**Chopin, Nocturne in E minor, op. 72 no. 1 by Arthur Rubinstein

Chopin, Etude op. 25 no. 1 "Aeolian Harp" by Vladimir Horowitz

Intern by Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Some Things Cosmic (Live at 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival) by Angel Olsen

Forgiven/Forgotten (Live at 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival) by Angel Olsen

**Chopin, "Minute Waltz" in D flat, op. 64 no. 1 by Arthur Rubinstein

The Best of Liszt

The Modern Leper by Frightened Rabbit

*Ships With Holes Will Sink by We Were Promised Jetpacks

*Air by Waxahatchee

***Grey Hair by Waxahatchee

La Loose by Waxahatchee

**I Think I Love You by Waxahatchee

Rose, 1956 by Waxahatchee

**Chopin, Prelude in G major, op. 28 no. 3 by some youtuber: 4001TD

Bonfire by Waxahatchee

Hollow Bedroom by Waxahatchee

*Catfish by Waxahatchee

*< by Waxahatchee [yes that's the song name – "less than"]

Michel by Waxahatchee

Summer of Love by Waxahatchee

***Stale by Noon by Waxahatchee

**Buddy in the Parade by Hop Along

***Painted Shut Full Album by Hop Along

La Loose (Live for Sirius XMU) by Waxahatchee

I Saw My Twin by Hop Along

Tibetan Pop Stars by Hop Along

Get Disowned by Hop Along

***American Weekend by Waxahatchee

Beethoven, Pathetique Sonata in C minor by Walter Gieseking

Beethoven, Pathetique Sonata op. 13 no. 8 by Daniel Barenboim