Tony's ramblings
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2016-09-02 02:37:25 (UTC)

what is the ultimate truth of life? Prompt 1

The ultimate truth of life can mean many things to many people as the value of life and it's content varies from person to person. Energies an balance are at the core of life perfect balance being impossible in life's twists an turns, however I see the ultimate truth of life or ultimate meaning of life simply put is the effect we as individuals have on those around us , our environment our circle . Because at the end of the day after we are gone the true impact the true meaning of one's life is shown not in what we had in living but in those we touched the smiles we brought to others the laughter even the gifts of time or of a shoulder in times of trial for others. One's legacy is defined not by the length of life but the quality within the years . And this impact this legacy is often not even known to the one living it at the time merely after they have passed is it revealed to those left behind

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