always wth love

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2016-08-31 11:07:43 (UTC)

afraid to go to sleep! new girl crush

I dont know what happened???? At 2:16 am id two panic attacks i dont what happened to me, every time i closed my eyes i was scared to death like i couldnt breathe at an ounce. i dont what cause me to feel so uncomfortable i really need someone to tell me i was alright. I felt unbearable to say anything. I felt afraid to close my eyes every ounce of the time. I slept in for 5 more mintues because i felt uncomfortable

Id watched my PLL finale Season 7 episode summer this morning(5-6ish am) it was so good sad its almost over soon :( its back in April 17'also a new show thats directed by PLL producers

Ride on the bus, was so long but i had made it too thats good right???The whole class was waiting for the professor to come in he was 4 minutes late. I saw La, she told me why she couldnt make it! just started her new job on monday, gosh she told me she went on co-worker date? oh no that sounds bad as fuck! Shes cute as fuck....

kisses (am scared of my dreams now...)