always wth love

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2016-08-30 09:11:19 (UTC)

Get Away (please dont read James)

I woke up turnt off my alarm, slept for 5 minutes i just need that. I didnt go bed unti 9:30ish. i havent told him that fall in love with girl i met last week but i think might break him. i havent told him i want him over everyday hangout with on weekends. im very horny... its Very confusing!?! a mess thou. Where i am...
I remember our night together it was different then it has before? im scared he wont be the one i want to be. i cant see how speak to him. now im letting myself lost, when i talk girl its so different i feel so bubbly. i sound broken hearted ugh, am so fucked up! ive no energy.
So am good girl to him? Ive fallen so quickly.

I want tattoo of an lighthouse no longer want a owl on my body....
listening to G-Eazy Remix of Get Away, love this version,

Quantities i see him are good but am not so sure if i can stay?He hasnt kissed or held my hand so what to do? still one more month right?

I might called off our hangout on friday night.