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2016-08-29 22:23:34 (UTC)


I am a significant stage in my life.

Ex has stopped the kids from coming to spend alternate weekends with me. The woman I want to spend time with and hope I have a long term future with her and her kids – things are still very unclear. The last few days she has gone quiet. And this is not the first time she is doing this.
I have told her how I feel and I have parked that. I will not hsle myself on it. I can’t go through the same bad and sad time I had with my ex. The good thing is that I am beginning to ring fence how I feel about her so hopefully If nothing comes of it it will not destroy me.
I need to look inwards and improve my life. I need to get my routine in order (pray, exercise, my work and my business) I need to start my recreation (Spanish and Salsa). There are so many things happening in my life that is in my control. I also have a lot of studying to do regarding knowledge at work.
Although it is a lonely life – I can keep myself busy with expanding and growing my life.