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2016-08-29 22:23:01 (UTC)

Annoying wife

She has now told my son she will try and get him a football academy trial.

She knows nothing about football.

I have been handling his football matters for years.

I have put him on a training plan (which cos a lot of money) that I believe will get him into football academy. Where he is now – he is not ready.
I told him in the next 6 months if we continua with the same progress he will get the chance. Moreover he attends a pre academy football once a week – so when he is good enough he will have the change to be upgraded to the full academy.

There are other aspects of his live that requires improving. She should concentrate on that not trying to meddle in his football that she knows nothing about.
He has been complaining about his Chemistry for the last year or so – she has done nothing about it and when I raise with her she says I should pay for extra tuition if I feel so strongly about it – which I am now doing.

Her plan is to remove any good deeds I am doing for the children so she can implement her grand plan which is to portray me as a bad dad.
She will fail – I already told her that.