2016-08-08 22:21:26 (UTC)

Nasty emails

Exchange a few nasty emails with ex –wife in the last few days after she said the kids will not spend alternate weekends with me because I couldn’t hos them for the last 2 weeks of their summer holidays. I have to work moreover my studio flat will be too small to accommodate 3 children for 2 weeks.

I always knew she was going to do that – that is more or her last joker. As usual she must have the last say so any email I send is guaranteed to get a response. I am ok with this because it gives me the opportunity to say a few things I have wanted to say to her.

I hope to speak to the kids regularly on the phone take them for some activities and try and intervene on any ad-hoc issues I feel compelled to act on.

I want to concentrate on my career, business opportunities and clearing my debts.