always wth love

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2016-08-25 09:16:04 (UTC)

My sexually. Add Major! Future....

Im gonna confession my sexually its oblivious not a secert anymore. I feel comfortable that i cant barely hold my love for both genders. I fall in love with this girl just in time before i loose my confidence, shes interested to guys , but i fallen in luv with by what told me so far shes so strong and bubbly. I cant believe back to feelin this love tolds any girl.... she draws on her right hand its so cute, her outfits are sexy down to her shoes. I call her La for short, she doesnt know i give her that nickname, I cant wait to see her on Monday. She isnt taken yet but i dont scare her yet so i wont say wants on my mind.

Im gonna add major when i graduated from my college its Music i want to know how to write the music notes, i feel like i need something to make feeling completely safe always. I have hoped to go to this choir audition today so i can have my glimpse of adventure. i know it will take lot of work i think i found my next passion. Wish me luck, i need this strength to there.

I need to get a job, so bad am so needed an iphone 6 please so i can have some responsibility. I feel like at ease where everything has fallen apart from me. Odd day on Monday nite walk around the neighborhood felt i couldnt say anything to feel confident something has changed my heart? i havent told him about whats been on mind yet? I still dont have a damn clue! Its now Thursday so what does that mean for me???

Well thats all i have today.College is good so far still working harder than ever since its my 4th time! for Math55. My first exam is week away from today for Health class. See you guys later.