The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-08-22 23:05:57 (UTC)

What a night

Hey Journal,
So yesterday I went to a 16-Plus club with friends and of course I forgot my ID but still get in becuz I look 12 lmao

So it was kinda awkward for the first hour due to the fact we were like the only ones dancing at the time because everyone's a lame ass.
But my friends weren't really dancing and I'm a fuckin dancing maaaachiine

Mama got moves but tbh kinda a club-and sexual-ish dancer haha. I go down boooooiii! but it was at a club so??c:

Anyway my friend wore heels which of course made her feet hurt :(
Me & Lib. danced while everyone else was kinda not really into it. We are a very awkward crew, but it was fun.

OH YEah there were 2 hell-hole cages up on stage and they asked girls to dance in it and they were of course dancing sexually and 'twerk-n' and btw this club played some dirty ass music like I'm such a kid I was like "where's my 'age' appropriate music where's the parent supervisors" #I'mA12YearOldTrappedInA17YearOldBody

But yeah my friends went up and danced up in that cage I didn't go the first time but the 2nd time I did and of course this time they said only 4 per cage.. SO I HAD TO GO DANCE IN THE OTHER CAGE WITH THESE 3 OTHER GIRLS AND IT WAS THE MOST LONELY EXPERIENCE HAHA. I guess I kinda had fun up there but I mostly felt awkward because people recorded from down below and stared at us and some people at our school were there and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

But at the same time I DONT GIVE A SHHIIIII. Part of me is:wow.
another part of me is: you did something new and that's the adventure of Dora the Explorer: future whore.

ANYWAY. Yeah we danced. We were awkward. But it was a night to remember I suppose haha.:)

Thanks for reading!! -Katie